Watershed Assessment & GIS

We are at the forefront of using GIS as a restoration design tool and for mapping watersheds.

Erosion Control

Keystone Restoration Ecology reduces soil erosion and prevents gullies before they begin.

Stream Restoration

KRE implements Natural Channel Designs and uses Induced Meandering techniques to maximize the potential of the site.

Rain & Stormwater Harvesting

Turn runoff flooding & erosion problems into a resource & improve water quality to our waterways.

Wetland Restoration Techniques

We repair eroded wetlands with our expertise in geomorphology and wet meadow plant communities.

Road Drainage Design

Drainage techniques and water harvesting improve road longevity and durability.

Restoration after Fire

Addressing soil erosion immediately after a fire, reduces impacts to waterways and prevents gully formation.

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Erosion Analysis and Restoration Techniques Toolset™

Training & Workshops

KRE has 24 years of combined experience training professionals, work crews, youth & communities.