Rock Run Down Cuba BeforeAbove and Below: Plants establishing in the rock rundown to anchor cobble and heal headcutRockdown Cuba After



Media GrassErosion DrivewayMedia and Brush A few different senarios where cobble rocks are used to spread and slow the flow of runoff, which deposits sediment and infiltrates water allowing  seeds to germinate. Vegetation thrives, anchors cobble, and continues to reduce the flow of water creating a positive feedback loop.

KRE implements many techniques to slow, spread, and infiltrate water into the ground reducing soil erosion. Keeping water on site leads to increased vegetation cover, species diversity, higher productivity, reduced irrigation costs, and reduced stormwater pollution to waterways.

Areas prone to soil erosion:

  • Heavily grazed areas or historically grazed areas
  • Reduced groundcover from drought, fire, pest infestation, or other disturbances
  • Areas receiving concentrated water flow
  • Post construction