"Steve was very helpful, thoughtful, and always conscientious. We highly recommend his work, for quality, innovation, and timeliness."   – Kathy Holian, Landowner

"I have worked with Steve Vrooman on numerous stream and wetlands restoration over the last 16 years. Steve is skilled in the planning and design of stream and wetlands practices, treatments and structures, as well as their implementation using contracted equipment and/or volunteer labor. He is accomplished in technological and GPS mapping equipment and methodology. Planning and implementation of stream and wetlands projects requires the ability to integrate geomorphologic, hydrologic and ecologic principles and observations into a site specific prescription for successful restoration to result. Steve Vrooman has this ability as witnessed by numerous on-the-ground projects with which I am familiar."  - Bill Zeedyk, President, Zeedyk Ecological Consulting LLC

“Steve Vrooman has worked with Taos Pueblo Environmental Department on a number of projects, and always has delivered superior quality products, on time and within budget. He is insightful, respectful, and a gifted environmental scientist, we would not hesitate to recommend his services to prospective clients.”  - Robert Gomez Taos Pueblo

“The knowledge and skill in the work performed by Keystone Restoration Ecology were evident at each stage of the project.  The result was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Now the Pecos River actually deposits some material on our bank; while, in previous years, the river had continued to erode it.  Steve’s design is a finessed one that exploits the natural tendencies of the river to our advantage.  Throughout the project Steve was responsive and accommodating to all of our questions and concerns. We now have lovely access down to the river as well as new trout habitat in the pools created below the rock structure put in place to mitigate the erosive forces of the river. A guest recently caught a 19” trout right in front of our home!  We heartily recommend Steve Vrooman and Keystone Restoration Ecology.”  - Joe Gaimbalvo, Landowner

“I have worked on several successful projects with Keystone Restoration, would recommend them highly to others, and am looking forward to opportunities to work with them again in the future. Their background in ecology and geomorphology and their skills used throughout the design and building process have contributed to several successful projects that I have managed. What I especially appreciate about Keystone is the unique combination professionalism and enthusiasm that they bring to these projects.  It seems obvious to me that for them this is more than a job, it is a vocation.”  - Alan Hamilton, President, Rio Grande Return

"My work with Steve Vrooman has always been a pleasure. His knowledge and teaching skills are a real boon to land restoration classes conducted by the Permaculture Institute. His work with us on the Navajo Reservation was incredible effective in mediating erosion and controlling water flow on the site."  – Scott Pittman, Permaculture Institute

"We would recommend that anyone looking for expertise on watershed restoration contact Keystone Restoration Ecology.  We hope to work with them again in the future. The workshop was incredibly successful – all participants agreed it was the most effective training of the year. The workshop was fun and interactive; Vrooman was very professional, helpful to all the participants and it is clear he is one of the leading restoration ecologist in the world."  - Kina R. Murphy, Wildlife Conservation Society

“Steve Vrooman used his considerable knowledge of stream restoration to turn a problematic drainage channel into a decorative wetland defining the entrance to our high school. He has an intriguing way of making his audience feel involved. His presentations generated a huge following from public officials, teachers, students and the press. The Bog Spring wetland restoration required a collaborative effort between multiple jurisdictions and a short timeline. Steve addressed the needs of people with different viewpoints or agendas and helped skeptics become enthusiastic supporters.  He was innovative in providing timely solutions to the numerous details that emerge in a project that affects so many jurisdictions. The benefits of this project include student participation, community pride, and enhancement of the image of the high school.“  - Ruidoso River Restoration Committee

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Keystone Restoration Ecology (KRE) enhances natural and man-made landscapes by harnessing the power of natural processes to repair and regenerate ecosystems through Natural Channel Design and Induced Meandering techniques.  KRE has a unique focus on the interactions between the vegetation and ecology of a site and its restoration potential.

KRE is a design-build company with extensive experience in watershed assessment, erosion control, water harvesting, road design and drainage, stream and wetland restoration. Understanding the intricacies of building a project allows the design to be innovative and cost effective. We partner with government agencies, businesses, environmental organizations, and landowners to increase productivity, reduce financial inputs, and increase biodiversity.