Category: Design/Build

Keystone Restoration Ecology is a design/build firm offering an array of Ecological Restoration services. Our design process ensures a high quality, innovative solution and one that will be financially feasible. 

Design Process 


Using this design process prevents making an uninformed decision too early to use a particular structure. This pitfall can lead to the “hammer problem” in which every problem looks like a nail, since the solution has already been found.



Keystone Restoration Ecology Design/Build ProcessKeystone Restoration Ecology implements our designs and works in partnership with trained restoration contractors. Good communication and oversight ensures that all partners on a project are working together towards the common goal of ecological restoration.

We rent the appropriate machines for your job, ensuring the tool fits the job and is the most efficient and effective tool needed. Keystone Restoration Ecology Design/Build Process

Typical tools we work with are loaders, excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, and backhoes to implement projects.